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This used to be a page where I put some old trans zines in the hopes someone else might see them and find something interesting or a sense of home but now I am just putting shit here for you AND for me

most of it is trans some of it is not

have fun 💞

the original zines

Unapologetic: The Journal of Irresponsible Gender Issue 1

gendertrash from hell Issues 1 & 3

archive links & search sites

I keep having to refind my archive links so here they are as well peruse at your own leisure or w/e

Digital Transgender Archive

GLBT Historical Society Archive

ArQuives (Canada)

Ted Sahl Archive (hosted by SJSU, specific to San Jose/ Santa Clara/ Palo Alto area)

added at a later date:


queer comics database (more for finding comics with queer characters in them)

queer cartoonists database (more for finding queer cartoonists)

cartoonists of color database

misc projects & bobbles

neat reality show/ docuseries I found called My Transsexual Summer while attempting to make my list of queer (group) reality tv, cw for some graphic shots of surgery & injecting

Irresistible Damage, "The magazine for gay and bi trans men/mascs."

Scout Tran's extremely cool comic Falling Sky

Nabi H. Ali's comic Puu (பூ)

Susan Stryker's my words to victor frankenstein above the village of chamounix: performing transgender rage, a piece of deep importance in my own transition

to survive on this shore, "Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults"

literally just the entire first volume/edition of the transgender studies reader

various blogs

Jack Parker's sex work blog

Transform Harm's section on carceral feminism

Wagatwe Wanjuki's blog

Emi Koyama's blog and readings from her page

Monica Roberts' TransGriot page, may she rest in power

i wanna put more ppl here but im tired and reading is hard when ur stupid and i need to make a disclaimer or smth bc ive been online since i was, like, an early teenager and ppl r weird. i ll do it later

some trans* comic artists' pages

Andi Sangata

remus maurice jackson

Kaz Rowe

Kathleen Jacques (Band vs Band)

Mel Gillman and their comic As the Crow Flies

Nero Villagallos O'Reilly

Sam Orchard (Rooster Tails)

Scout Tran

Keezy Young and their comic Never Heroes

Ajuan Mance

Kou Chen

Bitmap M. Prager

Nabi H. Ali and his comic Puu (பூ)

Julia Kaye and her comic Up and Out

Mattie Lubchansky

Blue Delliquanti

Archie Bongiovanni

Ash S

Hal Schrieve

Ariel Slamet Ries



Kate Sheridan

Shan Horan

Steph Bulante

Olioli Buika

Mia Rose Elbo and her comic Becoming Me

Annie Mok

Apollo Baltazar

Emeric L. Kennard

Michiko Wild

Daisy Finch


C.A.P. Ward

Erin Nations

L. Nichols

Morgan Sea

Alta Hrafney

Lily Ash Sakula

Dylan "NDR" Edwards

Bishakh Som

Magdalene Visaggio

Sabrina Symington

Maia Kobabe

ND Stevenson

i will figure out what i'm doing with this at another point (give its own page, reformat, potentially add other features such as artist's social media/ where to find, pronouns, where to find works (online & shop), ko-fis/ patreons/ other ways to support -- or just see if i can't add them to some pre-existing db)